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Investing 34 million euros! BASF adds to the Chinese market!

On March 12th, BASF’s new automotive application research and development center and process catalytic research and development center were officially unveiled and put into use in Pudong, Shanghai. The two R&D centers invested a total of nearly 34 million euros and covers an area of ​​5,000 square meters. The launch of new R&D facilities will further enhance BASF’s innovation capabilities in the Asia Pacific region.

Dr. Stephan Kothrade, President of BASF’s Asia Pacific (Function Management) and President and Chairman of Greater China, said: “The rapid growth of many important industries in China has benefited from chemical innovation. We have been investing in R&D over the past few years. To support customers in China and the Asia Pacific region to help them cope with the challenges of rapid development, improve the quality of life of the general public, and achieve sustainable development goals.”

Dr. Harald Lauke, President of BASF’s Advanced Materials and Systems Research and Asia Pacific Research Representative, said: “At Shanghai Innovation Park, we continue to improve our advanced materials and chemical processes by continuously integrating new technologies and building professional teams. Catalyst research and development capabilities. Since 2012, our investment in Shanghai Innovation Park has been close to 180 million euros.”

Automotive application R&D center: Automotive OEM paint manufacturer and BASF jointly design innovative products

The BASF Asia Pacific Automotive Applications R&D Center has an electrostatic spray booth with state-of-the-art equipment, a physical test lab and 3D robots designed to drive customer-oriented R&D. 3D robots can simulate coating processes in different conditions around the world to optimize spray processes and products. It can be applied not only horizontally or vertically, but also on three-dimensional parts such as doors and bumpers. 3D robots enable BASF to develop new products for the automotive industry, as well as to design new solutions for automotive OEM and automotive coatings. The new application development center also has a laboratory dedicated to sustainable spray applications.

Process catalysis R&D center: Exploring new possibilities for catalytic technology

The Process Catalytic R&D Center in the same R&D building will focus on developing new process catalysts to meet the specific needs of BASF customers in the Asia Pacific region.

The center has advanced solid catalyst process equipment and highly specialized test equipment for evaluating solid catalyst performance. Scientists will develop new catalytic materials for new and existing process catalytic applications. Solid processes such as solid forming, separation, formulation, film coating, drying and solids processing will also be designed and optimized in this center. The R&D center will also provide customization of process catalysts and adsorbents for the Asia Pacific region and support the further development of the market, adding more value through close cooperation with BASF’s customers and partners in Asia. It will complement BASF’s world-class catalyst production base in Shanghai to further improve and strengthen its production capacity.