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Pharmaceutical Intermediates

We are high quality pharmaceutical intermediate manufacturers and suppliers, offer you reasonable quotation and timely delivery. One stop service for pharmaceutical intermediates and chemical reagents. Please contact us for more details.

1,2-Dimethoxybenzene; CAS 91-16-7

CAS NO.: 91-16-7
EINECS No.: 202-045-3
MF: C8H10O2

CAS 93-07-2; 3,4-Dimethoxybenzoic acid

3,4-Dimethoxybenzoic acid
CAS NO.: 93-07-2
EINECS No.: 202-215-7
MF: C9H10O4

3,4-Dimethoxy-benzaldehyde; CAS 120-14-9

CAS NO.: 120-14-9
EINECS No.: 204-373-2
MF: C9H10O3