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Characteristics of photoinitiators

Characteristics of photoinitiators UV-curing technology is characterized by less environmental pollution, fast curing speed, low energy consumption. It is the fastest growing market segment in the ink, coating, printing and packaging fields. UV-curing resin system is mainly composed of photoinitiator, reactive oligomer, active diluent and other additives. Photoinitiator is the key component of uv-curing resin [...]


Commonly Used Color Former for Thermal Papers

Crystal violet lactone and ODB-2 for thermal papers Nowadays, thermal paper can be seen everywhere, it is widely used on POS receipt, lottery and gaming, tags and labels and other applications. Thermal paper comprises a base paper and a layer of heat-sensitive chemicals which include color former, color developer, sensitizers, ect. At present, the 2-phenylamino-3-methyl-6-dibutylaminofluorane (ODB-2) [...]


Photoinitiator TPO Application Field Analysis

Photoinitiator TPO application field analysis UV-Curing technology is an efficient, environmentally friendly, energy-saving excellent material surface treatment technology and processing technology, which is known as the new technology of green industry in the 21st century. The UV-Curing technology has been gradually developed in China since the 1980s. In the 21st century, China's UV-Curing industry has [...]


Fine Chemicals for Thermal Recording Paper

Fine chemicals for thermal recording paper Thermal recording paper usually refers to leuco dye thermal recording paper, which is composed of base paper and thermal coatings. Color former, developer, sensitizer Various fine chemicals are used in the thermal coatings, the main chemicals are thermosensitive dyes, color formers, developers, sensitizers and stabilizers. They are dispersed in [...]


Dyes for Carbonless Copy Paper and Thermal Recording Paper

Pressure sensitive recording paper and thermal recording paper In the field of information industry paper, most of the paper currently used is invented according to the needs of various information output and input systems, and its scope covers all processes of participation in information production to information circulation, in which business forms are duplicated. Electronic [...]


Investing 34 million euros! BASF adds to the Chinese market!

Investing 34 million euros! BASF adds to the Chinese market! On March 12th, BASF's new automotive application research and development center and process catalytic research and development center were officially unveiled and put into use in Pudong, Shanghai. The two R&D centers invested a total of nearly 34 million euros and covers an area of [...]


Photoinitiator Introduction

Photoinitiator Overview In the photocuring system, including UV glue, UV paint, UV ink, etc., after receiving or absorbing external energy, photoinitiator undergoes chemical changes and decomposes into radicals or cations, thereby initiating polymerization. Materials that generate free radicals by light and further initiate polymerization are collectively referred to as photoinitiators. After some of the monomers [...]


Prospect and application of polymer materials in medical industry

Prospect and application of polymer materials in medical industry Medical polymer material is a frontier subject of material science, and it is a main branch of biomedical engineering. Since the 1950s, synthetic polymer materials have been appearing constantly, and have gradually provided many medical materials to the medical community. With the development of medicine, various [...]


Crystal violet lactone, OBD-1, OBD-2, 2-(Phenylmethoxy)-naphthalene

Crystal violet lactone, OBD-1, OBD-2, 2-(Phenylmethoxy)-naphthalene Four color formers for thermal paper Crystal violet lactone Crystal violet lactone (CVL) is a technical term in the dyeing industry. It has the properties of dyeing fibers or coloring resins. The conjugated system of thermo sensitive and pressure sensitive dyes is interrupted. It is colorless in itself, but [...]


Thermal paper dye: crystal violet lactone (CVL)

Thermal paper is a special coated paper with a similar appearance to ordinary white paper. The surface of the thermal paper is smooth. It uses plain paper as a paper base and is coated with a layer of thermal coloring layer. On one side of the paper surface, the chromonic layer is composed of an [...]