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Our chemicals for sale

Over the years, Anyang General Chemical Co., Ltd, has expanded to a large scale of chemical production service. Our mission is to continue investing in R&D to further enlarge our production capacity to hundred kinds, meeting your needs in anyway. You may search our product by CAS No. or product name, or you can contact us, talking with our experts online. You each requirement will be promptly replied. We have Color Formers for Thermal PaperUV Photoinitiators, etc. All of these products are widely used in pharmaceutical, crops, rubber, paper making, daily use, textile, shoe making, hot melt adhesive, plastic products, metal processing and so on. Our chemical products are sold well in China, even exported to America, Europe and Southeast Asia and other countries and regions. What’s more, quality of our product can meet or exceed the level of similar companies at home and abroad.

Color formers for thermal paper

Product Name CAS No. Molecular Formula In Stock
Crystal Violet Lactone 1552-42-7 C26H29N3O2 YES
ODB-1, N102, CK-34 29512-49-0 C31H28N2O3 YES
ODB-2 89331-94-2 C35H36N2O3 YES
D-8 95235-30-6 C15H16O4S YES
Bisphenol S 80-09-1 C12H10O4S YES
EBA 5809-23-4 C18H19NO4 YES
BBA 54574-82-2 C22H27NO4 YES
EGTE 54914-85-1 C12H18O2 YES
BON 613-62-7 C17H14O YES
Sensitiser DPE 104-66-5 C14H14O2 YES


UV photoinitiators

Product Name CAS No. Molecular Formula In Stock
Photoinitiator TPO 75980-60-8 C22H21O2P YES
Photoinitiator TPO-L 84434-11-7 C18H21O3P YES
Photoinitiator 819 162881-26-7 C26H27O3P YES
Photoinitiator 369 119313-12-1 C23H30N2O2 YES
Photoinitiator DETX 82799-44-8 C17H16OS YES
Photoinitiator BMF 15206-55-0 C9H8O3 YES
Photoinitiator 184 947-19-3 C13H16O2 YES
Photoinitiator BP 119-61-9 C13H10O YES
Photoinitiator EDB 10287-53-3 C11H15O2N YES
Photoinitiator EHA 21245-02-3 C17H27NO2 YES
Photoinitiator PBZ 2128-93-0 C19H14O YES
Photoinitiator BDK 24650-42-8 C16H16O3 YES
Photoinitiator 907 71868-10-5 C15H21NO2S YES
Photoinitiator 784 125051-32-3 C30H22F4N2Ti 10* YES
Photoinitiator 1173 7473-98-5 C10O2H12 YES
Photoinitiator 2959 106797-53-9 C12H16O4 YES
Photoinitiator ITX 5495-84-1 C16H14OS YES
Photoinitiator BMS 83846-85-9 C20H16OS YES
Photoinitiator 379 119344-86-4 C24H32N2O2 YES
Photoinitiator DMBI 21245-01-2 C14H21NO2 YES
Photoinitiator OMBB 606-28-0 C15H12O3 YES
Photoinitiator MBP 134-84-9 C14H18O YES
Photoinitiator PBZ 2128-93-0 C19H14O YES
Photoinitiator EMK 90-93-7 C21H28N2O YES
Photoinitiator-2-EAQ 84-51-5 C16H12O2 YES
Photoinitiator CTX 86-39-5 C13H7ClOS YES
Photoinitiator BPO 94-36-0 C14H10O4 YES
Benzoin 119-53-9; 579-44-2 C14H12O2 YES
Benzil 134-81-6 C14H10O2 YES
Photoinitiator CBP 134-85-0 C13H9ClO YES
Photoinitiator DEAP 6175-45-7 C12H16O3 YES
Photoinitiator BCIM 7189-82-4 C42H28Cl2N4 YES
Photoinitiator CQ 10373-78-11 C10H14O2 YES
2-Methyl-BCIM 29864-15-1 C44H34N4 YES
Photoinitiator 810 58109-40-3 C12H10F6IP YES
TCDM-HABI 100486-97-3 C44H31Cl3N4O2 YES