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Photoinitiator ITX | CAS 5495-84-1

Photoinitiator ITX 2-isopropylthioxanthone

Photoinitiator ITX Product Information

  • Product Name: 2-isopropylthioxanthone
  • Synonyms: Photoinitiator-ITX; ITX; Photocure-Itx; 2-Isopropylthioxanthen-9-one; 9H-Thioxanthen-9-one, 2-(1-methylethyl)-; 2-Isopropyl-9H-thioxanthen-9-one; Isopropylthioxanthone; 2-(propan-2-yl)-9H-thioxanthen-9-one
  • CAS No: 5495-84-1
  • EINECS No.: 226-827-9
  • Molecular Formula: C16H14OS
  • Molecular Weight: 254.35 g/mol
  • Key Properties: High efficiency, yellowing

Product specifications of Photoinitiator ITX

Appearance Light yellow crystal
Assay ≥99%
Boiling Point 398.9°C at 760mmHg
Melting Point 72-76°C
Refractive Index 1.638
Flash Point 210°C
Volatile ≤0.5%
Absorption Peak 258, 382nm
Packaging 20KG/Carton

Main applications of Photoinitiator ITX

  1. Photoinitiator ITX is mainly used for offset, flexo, screen inks and electronic coatings.
  2. Photoinitiator ITX can be used as a photoinitiator in wood coating, lithographic inks, silk screen inks, flexo inks, composites, electronics and overprint varnishes.

Storage Conditions: Store in a cool dry place and prevent from sunlight.

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