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4-Methylbenzophenone | CAS 134-84-9

134-84-9 4-Methylbenzophenone (Photoinitiator MBP)

Product Information of 4-Methylbenzophenone (Photoinitiator MBP)

4-Methylbenzophenone (Photoinitiator MBP) is a highly efficient free radical type II photoinitiator used primarily for UV polymerization of the corresponding resins along with tertiary amine complexing agents. Varnishes, plastic coatings, wood coatings, adhesives, lithographic inks, screen printing inks, flexo inks, electronics.

  • Product Name: 4-Methylbenzophenone
  • Synonyms: Photoinitiator MBP; Photoinitiator MBZ; (4-METHYLPHENYL)PHENYLMETHANONE; P-BENZOYL TOLUENE; PHENYL 4-TOLYL KETONE; PHENYL P-TOLYL KETONE; P-METHYLBENZOPHENONE; P-TOLYL PHENYL KETONE; (4-methylphenyl)phenyl-methanon; 4-methyl-benzophenon; Benzophenone, 4-methyl-; methyl-p-benzophenon; p-Benzophenone, methyl-; p-Phenyl tolyl ketone; Methanone, (4-methylphenyl)phenyl-; 4-METHYLBENZOPHENONE 99+%; phenyl(p-tolyl)methanone
  • CAS No: 134-84-9
  • EINECS No.: 205-159-1
  • Molecular Formula: C14H18O
  • Molecular Weight: 202.2921 g/mol
  • Key Properties: Low odor, low yellowing
  • Storage Conditions: Store in a cool and dry place, prevent from sunlight.

Product Specifications of Photoinitiator MBP

Appearance White powder or flaky crystal
Assay ≥99%
Boiling Point 326°C
Melting Point 53-57°C
Flash Point 143°C
Packaging 20KG/Carton

Main Applications of Photoinitiator MBP

  1. Photoinitiator-MBP is mainly used for UV curable varnishes and coatings.
  2. Used as UV absorber, pharmaceutical intermediate.
  3. UV curable coatings and inks.

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