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Photoinitiator TPO-L | CAS 84434-11-7

CAS 84434-11-7 Photoinitiator TPO-L

Photoinitiator TPO-L Product Information

TPO-L is a liquid photoinitiator suitable for formulation systems with low yellowing and odor. TPO-L has a wide absorption range. In order to improve the curing effect of the surface, TPO-L is often used in conjunction with other photoinitiators. The recommended uses of TPO-L are as follows: screen printing ink, lithographic printing ink, flexo printing ink, photoresist, varnish and printing plate.

  • Product Name: Photoinitiator TPO-L
  • Chemical Name: 2,4,6-Trimethylbenzoyldi-Phenylphosphinate
  • CAS No.: 84434-11-7
  • EINECS No.: 282-810-6
  • Molecular Formula: C18H21O3P
  • Molecular Weight: 316.337 g/mol
  • Key Properties: Low yellowing, water-based, long wavelength
  • Appearance: Yellowish liquid
  • Assay: >95%
  • Absorption Peak: 299, 366 nm
  • Package: 20kg drum
  • Main Applications: Pigmented coatings, offset,flexo, screen inks.

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