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Photoinitiator KIP-150 | CAS 163702-01-0

163702-01-0 Photoinitiator KIP-150

Photoinitiator KIP-150 Product Information

  • Product Name: Benzene, (1-methylethenyl)-, homopolymer, ar-(2-hydroxy-2-methyl-1-oxopropyl) derivs
  • CAS NO.: 163702-01-0
  • Molecular Formula:  (C13H16O2)n
  • Other names: KIP 150; Difunctional oligomeric alpha hydroxy ketone; OLIGOMERIC ALPHA HYDROXY KETON; Photoinitiator KIP-150; Esacure KIP 150; Esacure ONE
  • Characteristic: Free radical UV photoinitiator with low migration and low odor, low VOC and low yellowing.
  • Packaging: 20 kg/drum
  • Storage conditions: Store in a cool dry place and prevent from sunlight.

Product specification of photoinitiator KIP-150

Properties Standard
Appearance Yellow to red brown sticky liquid
Assay ≥85.0%
Moisture ≤0.2
Chroma ≤10
 Absorption Peak 260 nm

Photoinitiator KIP-150 application

KIP-150 is mainly used for metal coatings, plastic coatings, wood coatings, graphic arts, food packing.

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