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Triethoxyoctylsilane | CAS 2943-75-1

Triethoxyoctylsilane Triethoxycaprylylsilane

Product Information of Triethoxyoctylsilane

  • Product Name: Triethoxyoctylsilane
  • Synonyms: N-Octyltriethoxysilane; Octyltriethoxysilane; Triethoxycaprylylsilane; Triethoxy(octyl)silane; 2943-75-1; Silane, triethoxyoctyl-; a137(coupling agent); CO9835; Dynasylan OCTEO; dynasylanocteo; y9187; A 137; U-222; CO9835; prosil9234; prosil9202; silquesta137; product Z-6341
  • CAS No.: 2943-75-1
  • EINECS NO.: 220-941-2
  • Molecular Formula: C14H32O3Si
  • Molecular Weight: 276.492 g/mol
  • Product Categories: Alkyl; Functional Materials; Si (Classes of Silicon Compounds); Silane Coupling Agents; Silane Coupling Agents (Intermediates); Si-O Compounds; Trialkoxysilanes; Alkoxy Silanes; Hydrophobing Agents; silane
  • Mol File: 2943-75-1.mol
  • Application: Triethoxyoctylsilane is mainly used for coating defoaming. It can react with the inorganic sodium silicate solution.

Physical and Chemical Properties of Triethoxyoctylsilane

  • Appearance: Transparent and colorless oil like solution
  • Relative Density: 0.879 g/cm3
  • Melting Point: <-40°C
  • Boiling Point: 84-85°C 0.5 mm Hg(lit.)
  • Storage Temp.: Store below +30°C

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