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Triethyl phosphate | CAS 78-40-0

Triethyl phosphate 78-40-0

Product Information

  • CAS NO.: 78-40-0
  • EINECS No.: 201-114-5
  • Molecular formula: C6H15O4P
  • English name: Triethyl phosphate; Ethyl phosphate; Phosphoric acid triethyl ester
  • Relative molecular quality: 182.16
  • ICSC No.: 1730
  • RETCS No.: TC7900000
  • HS code: 29199000.90
  • Stability: stable under normal pressure and temperature
  • Transportation: It is non-dangerous goods and should be transported as common chemicals.
  • Executive standard: Q/320205GKAM01-2015
  • Packaging: 15kg plastic drum, 200kg iron drun, IBC, ISO-TANK

Physicochemical property:

It is colorless transparent liquid with pleasant fragrance. It is mixed soluble in water, alcohol and other organic solvent, for example, ether. It is stable under room temperature.

Storage and transportation:

Should be preserved in seal container in cool and ventilated warehouse without drain-pipe and sewer;
Storage temperature should be no higher than 35℃;
Separate from food and drink;
Keep it away from fire and heat source, oxidizing agent, acids and alkaline;

Main uses:

As high boiling point solvent in nitrocellulose and cellulose acetate;
As stabilizer of insecticide, Bakelite and organic oxide;
As catalyst of xylene isomers, carbodiimide;
As fire retardant of polyester resin
As plasticizer of cellulose acetate, unsaturated polyester and ethenyl ethanoate polymer;
It is widely applied in medical, pesticide, ketene, resin and hydraulic oil fields.

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