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Benzil | CAS 134-81-6

CAS No: 134-81-6 Benzil

Product Information of Benzil (CAS 134-81-6)

Diphenylethylenedione, also known as dibenzoyl, benzil, biphenyl, diphenyl, has the chemical formula (C6H5CO)2, often abbreviated as (PhCO)2. It belongs to the diketone and is used as an intermediate in organic synthesis. Under ultraviolet light irradiation, diphenylethylenedione is cleaved into a radical, which initiates cross-linking between the polymer chains, and thus serves as a photoinitiator for curing the polymer.

  • Product Name: Benzil
  • Synonyms: Dibenzoyl Zone Refined; Esacure KBO; Ethanedione, diphenyl-; BIBENZOYL; Diphenylethanedione Zone Refined; CHC-12; Diphenylethanedione; DIBENZOYL; Diphenylglyoxal Zone Refined
  • CAS No: 134-81-6
  • EINECS No.: 205-157-0
  • Molecular Formula: C14H10O2
  • Molecular Weight: 210.228 g/mol

Product specifications of Benzil CAS 134-81-6

Appearance Yellow crystal
Assay ≥99%
Boiling Point 346 °C
Melting Point 94-95 °C
Flash Point 346-348°C
Packaging 20KG/Carton

Main applications of Benzil CAS 134-81-6

  1. Used as an organic synthesis, insecticides. Used as a light curing agent for photosensitive and photocurable coatings.
  2. Used as a pharmaceutical intermediate.

Storage Conditions: Store in a cool and dry place, prevent from sunlight.

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