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Photoinitiator TPO application field analysis

UV-Curing technology is an efficient, environmentally friendly, energy-saving excellent material surface treatment technology and processing technology, which is known as the new technology of green industry in the 21st century.

The UV-Curing technology has been gradually developed in China since the 1980s. In the 21st century, China’s UV-Curing industry has developed rapidly. In particular, China has become the world’s major producers and exporters of the photoinitiators. Currently, the main applications of curing material photoinitiator are fine processing of PCB inks, electronic products (such as integrated circuits, liquid crystal displays, LEDs, etc.), UV coatings, etc.

Photoinitiators absorption wavelength is in the 200 – 400nm, especially in the 320 – 400nm range, the UV ink curing effect is ideal. Photoinitiator TPO has a wide absorption range, its absorption spectrum extends to the near ultraviolet region and visible region, and it has a very high absorption coefficient for about 320 nm light, which is conducive to the deep curing and thorough curing of thicker rubber layer. Photoinitiator TPO is particularly suitable for silk-screen inks, lithographic inks, flexo inks, and wood coatings due to its excellent absorbent properties. Photoinitiator TPO can also be used with Photoinitiator 184 in adhesive products.