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UV Ink Development Trend

The environmental protection is strict and the ink market is facing changes. As the most common and easily overlooked thing in everyday life, packaging is undergoing a profound transformation. At present, flexible packaging accounts for 15% of the entire packaging industry. The large-scale ink products are used for packaging printing. Among the ink technologies used in the market, the largest proportion is gravure ink, which is mainly used for printing on flexible packaging, followed by offset printing ink, which is mainly used for printing of books and magazines. In the ink printing, a large number of VOCs (volatile organic compounds) will be produced.

the photoinitiator in the UV ink

UV ink: a new and efficient environmentally friendly ink

UV inks have very important application in radiation-cured materials. The characteristic is that under a certain wavelength and energy ultraviolet irradiation, the photoinitiator in the UV ink is polymerized with the photosensitive oligomer and the photosensitive diluted monomer, and the crosslinking reaction occurs instantaneously, and the liquid is converted into a solid state to form a mesh drying membrane.

UV inks are accelerating the replacement of traditional solvents and inks due to their high efficiency, wide adaptability, economy, energy saving and environmental friendliness. It is expected that the speed of ink technology replacement will accelerate in the future, and UV inks will develop faster.