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Prospect and application of polymer materials in medical industry

polymer materials in medical industry

Medical polymer material is a frontier subject of material science, and it is a main branch of biomedical engineering. Since the 1950s, synthetic polymer materials have been appearing constantly, and have gradually provided many medical materials to the medical community. With the development of medicine, various newer and higher requirements for polymer materials have been put forward. Medical polymers are produced and developed under the conditions of mutual promotion. This new science of biomedical engineering has also accelerated the pace of development.

The research of total artificial heart is a typical miniature of biomedical engineering. It solves not only the problem of materials that can withstand hundreds of millions of times of flexion and anticoagulation, but also a series of problems such as energy, driving device and physiological function design suitable for various human needs.

It involves the latest technological achievements in the fields of biology, medicine, chemistry, physics, polymer science, electronics and so on. The study of artificial liver and artificial eye, like artificial heart, is a difficult project in biomedical engineering. Medical polymer plays an important role in biomedical engineering. Its main task is to solve the problem of combining polymer materials with biology and medicine.

Clinical significance of medical polymer products

The development of modern medicine makes it possible to repair and restore the damaged tissues and organs by disease or trauma, and can be replaced by artificial organs.

The widespread use of artificial kidneys has saved the deaths of uremic patients and the survival rate over five years has exceeded 50%.

The clinical application of medical polymer materials and products makes them have more practical medical significance and broad prospects.

Medical polymer materials and products

Polymer materials are the core and foundation of medical polymer products. The research of medical polymer materials is the main thing. Without materials, we can not talk about products. Medical polymer materials, especially those that can be used in the body, are called medical polymer materials.

Silicone rubber, polyurethane, polyvinyl chloride, polyethylene, polypropylene, polytetrafluoroethylene, polyester fiber, plexiglass, hydrogel and other materials.

It can be divided into anticoagulant materials, biomimetic membrane materials, bioactive polymers, biodegradable polymers and so on.

Research on medical polymer products

  1. Artificial organs.
  2. Medical supplies.
  3. Medicinal polymers.

Prospect of medical polymer products

Polymer medical supplies are not only easy to use and have high curative effect, but also save a lot of materials such as glass, cloth, metal and so on. The processing and transportation are convenient, the cost is low, and the resources are saved. It has great promotion to the development of the economy.

With the continuous development of modern science and technology, the research of medical polymer materials will reach a higher level, and its development will have a qualitative leap. The medical polymer products with better performance will surely benefit mankind more.