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Sodium hydrogen difluoride | CAS 1333-83-1

Sodium hydrogen difluoride 1333-83-1

Product Information

  • Product Name: Sodium hydrogen difluoride pellets (5mm X Length 5mm)
  • CAS NO.: 1333-83-1
  • EINECS No.: 215-608-3
  • Molecular Formula: F2HNa
  • Molecular Weight: 61.99
  • UN: 2439
  • IMDG Code: 83020
  • Synonyms: Sodium hydrogen difluoride; Fluoruroacidodesodio; Sodium hydrogen fluoride; SODIUM ACID FLUORIDE; SODIUM BIFLUORIDE; SODIUM DIFLUORIDE
  • Appearance: White pellets
  • Assay: ≥98%
  • Character: Sodium hydrogen difluoride is a colorless or white crystal with relative density of 2.08. It has strong sourness. It is soluble in water, but insoluble in alcohol. In humidity air, sodium hydrogen difluoride can absorb moisture and releases hydrogen fluoride. When heated to 160 ℃, it decomposes into sodium fluoride and hydrogen fluoride. At high temperature aluminium and aluminium alloy can resist the corrosion of hydrogen fluoride. Its aqueous solution can etch glass. It is toxic.
  • Uses: Sodium hydrogen difluoride is used as aseptic of food, animal specimen and dissection specimen, as glass etchant, in glass frosting, for texture finishing of textile, in wiping off rust, in insect proof treatment of leather, as the material for tinplate, and to produce anhydrous HF. Its mixture with potassium hydrogen fluoride can be used as flux of metal.
  • Packing: Packing with plastic woven bag lined with polythene plastic bag. 25kg per bag or 25kg fiber drum.
  • Upstream raw materials: Soda ash, fluoric acid, hydrofluoric acid, caustic soda, anhydrous hydrogen fluoride

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