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Strengthen the overall quality of farmers to reduce pesticide abuse

In recent years, drug resistance continues to increase, peasants lack of knowledge of pesticides. In agricultural production in order to ensure the killing of pests and weeds, peasants continue to increase the dose of pesticides, leading to serious pesticide residues exceeded.

pesticide abuse

What are the harms of pesticide abuse?

  • Abuses of pesticides lead to drug resistance, shorten product life.
  • The misuse of pesticides has led to increasing dosage and has created a vicious cycle.
  • The abuse of pesticides leads to a direct or indirect poison to the insect, fish, bee, and bird, which destroys the ecological balance.
  • The abuse of pesticides leads to drug damage, causes losses to the production of crops and affects the health of the human body.
  • The abuse of pesticides leads to environmental pollution, water pollution, air pollution and so on.

Precautions for the prevention of pesticide abuse

Do not abuse pesticides

  1. It is not possible to abuse banned pesticides on some crops, such as fruits and vegetables can not use methamidophos, 1605 and other highly toxic pesticides.
  2. Pesticide abuse can not be abused during the pesticide ban period. Fenitrothion can not be sprayed within 14 days before rice harvest, dimethoate can not be used within 15 days before citrus harvest, dicofol can not be used within 15 days.
  3. Don’t mix in a mess. 1605 can not be mixed with EBP (toxicity increased rapidly after mixing), calcium arsenate can not be mixed with antibiotic pesticides, dimethoate can not be mixed with stone sulfur mixture or bordeaux mixture, wettable powder can not be mixed with EC, and etc.

All in all, in the prevention and control of crop pests and diseases, we should earnestly implement the principle of prevention first and comprehensive prevention and control, and actively adopt various effective non-chemical prevention and control measures. In the use of chemical pesticides, it is necessary to make flexible mastery in the light of local conditions and not violate the relevant regulations. Promoting the use of different types of pesticides to achieve scientific, rational, safe and effective use of pesticides.

Choosing a reasonable dose

When formulating pesticides, peasants are used to dilution, which is unscientific. If the pesticide is too strong, it is easy to cause crop phytotoxicity, and the pest and disease will produce resistance, and it will easily lead to adverse effects such as environmental pollution and human and animal poisoning. If the mixture is too thin, it can not achieve the effect of prevention and control. Therefore, pesticides should be formulated strictly in accordance with pesticide use instructions or agricultural technicians, and the dosage should be properly controlled during the application process. When spraying, it is necessary to achieve uniformity, circumspect, and proper amount (Leaves full moisture without loss is appropriate). Pay attention to cross-use pesticides. A pesticide in the same crop continuous use of too many times, easy to pest and disease resistance or drug resistance, control effect gradually reduced or even invalid.

On the one hand, farmers should do their knowledge of pesticide use, use pesticides scientifically and reasonably, and increase the utilization rate of pesticides. On the other hand, agrochemical enterprises and relevant departments should make efforts to develop new types of green pesticides in order to effectively ensure the quality of agricultural products and reduce agricultural non-point pollution.

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