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Tributyl phosphate (CAS 126-73-8) supplier and some knowledge

Tributyl phosphate (CAS 126-73-8) is mainly used as solvent, it is also used as plasticizer for nitro cellulose, cellulose acetate, chlorinated rubber and polyvinyl chloride, extracting agent for rare metals, heat exchange medium, etc. Because of its low surface tension and the physical property of insoluble in water, tributyl phosphate (CAS 126-73-8) can be used as defoaming agent for industrial use, it effectively makes the film of the foam formed in an unstable state and rapidly defoaming. Tributyl phosphate (CAS 126-73-8) can’t be used in food or cosmetics.

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What are the uses of tributyl phosphate (CAS 126-73-8)?

  1. Tributyl phosphate (CAS 126-73-8) is used as stationary solution in gas chromatography, solvents for nitrocellulose and ethyl cellulose, plasticizer, rare earth metal separation agent and organic synthesis intermediates.
  2. Tributyl phosphate (CAS 126-73-8) has good polymerization inhibition effect on acrylates, methacrylates, acrylic acid, acrylonitrile, phenylethylene and butadiene, and its polymerization inhibition performance is better than phenols.
  3. It can be used as an extractant for metal complexes, a plasticizer for nitrocellulose, cellulose acetate, chlorinated rubber and polyvinyl chloride, and a solvent for paints, inks and adhesives.
  4. Tributyl phosphate (CAS 126-73-8) can be used as primary plasticizer for cellulose nitrate, cellulose acetate, chlorinated rubber and polyvinyl chloride. It is also used as solvent, defoamer and antistatic agent for coatings, adhesives and inks, extractant for rare earth elements.
  5. Nitrocellulose and cellulose acetate solvent, defoaming agent, heat exchange medium, plasticizer and extractant. Gas chromatographic stationary solution (The highest temperature is 120 degrees, and the solvent is ether.) extract cobalt, iridium, manganese, molybdenum, palladium, rhodium, nickel, uranium and tungsten,colorimetric determination of molybdenum. Organic synthesis.

Emergency handling for tributyl phosphate (CAS 126-73-8)


Evacuating the leakage contaminated area personnel to the safety zone, prohibiting irrelevant personnel into the contaminated area, cutting off fire source. Emergency personnel wear gas masks and wear protective clothing. Leaking stoppage in case of safety. Rinse with plenty of water, diluted lotion is put into waste water system. If there is a large number of leaks, using dike for taking in, and then collecting, transferring, recycling or harmless disposal abandoning.

Protective measures

Respiratory system protection: A mask respirator is used when the concentration of air exceeds the standard. When emergency rescue or evacuation, wear self-contained breathing apparatus.

Eye protection: wear chemical safety goggles.

Protective clothing: wear overalls.

Hand protection: wear rubber gloves.

Other: no smoking, eating and drinking at work site. After work, shower and change clothes. Keep good hygienic habits.

First aid measures

Skin contact: removing contaminated clothing, rinse thoroughly with soap water and water.

Eye contact: immediately opening the upper and lower eyelids, rinse with flowing water for 15 minutes. Medical treatment.

Inhalation: from the scene to the fresh air. When breathing difficultly, giving oxygen. When breathing is stopped, immediate artificial respiration is performed.

Ingestion: One person who is wrong ingestion should rinse your mouth immediately, drink milk or egg white, do emetic and have a gastric lavage. Medical treatment.

Extinguishing methods: foam, carbon dioxide, dry powder, sand

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