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Crystal violet lactone, OBD-1, OBD-2, 2-(Phenylmethoxy)-naphthalene

Four color formers for thermal paper

Crystal violet lactone

Crystal violet lactone (CVL) is a technical term in the dyeing industry. It has the properties of dyeing fibers or coloring resins. The conjugated system of thermo sensitive and pressure sensitive dyes is interrupted. It is colorless in itself, but it has the properties of dyeing with color formers. Crystal violet lactone is mainly used in pressure-sensitive dyes for carbonless copy paper or heat sensitive dyes for thermal recording paper.


OBD-1 is a chemical, its chemical formula is C31H30N2O3.

Other Name: Heat (Pressure) Sensitive Black TF-BL1

Appearance: White powder

Melting Point: 180 ℃

Application: Used as thermal (pressure) sensitive paper color former for producing thermal (pressure) sensitive paper in paper industry.


Black heat sensitive paper color former is used to produce heat sensitive paper or carbonless copy paper. Temperature changing pigment. Heat sensitive pigment. The main purpose is thermal (pressure) sensitive color former.


2-(Phenylmethoxy)-naphthalene (BON) is used in heat sensitive material. Honest business, direct deal, higher quality and better price. We are a professional manufacturer of chemicals and have been committed to R & D, production and sale of color formers.

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